BMW Germany

The Client’s Unique Requirement

Digital signage offers BMW dealers an evocative channel for displaying the latest information and advertising in their car showrooms. BMW Germany asked Grassfish for a content management system (CMS) for their dealer TV network that allows BMW to provide some content centrally, while also giving participating dealers tools for creating and adapting content. The system is used by a heterogeneous group of users in dealerships across Germany, each of which can only access their own location’s content.

The Innovative Marketing Challenge

BMW cooperates with dealerships across Germany, who can set up digital displays to promote products and campaigns. Users include a wide range of people from different backgrounds, not all of whom have extensive experience with managing digital signage content. The dealerships need a digital signage CMS that offers intuitive tools for creating and managing content on their displays. The system must be easy to use without requiring long training or highly technical skills.

The Inspired Grassfish Solution

Grassfish’s web-based CMS has a graphical user interface that is characterised by high user friendliness:

  • Grassfish’s user-friendly drag & drop user interface makes it easy to quickly create spots and combine them with dynamic and static content
  • All displayed information and offers can be assigned to individual screens, localised for different regions, cities and situations, and tailored for specified times and target groups
  • Interfaces to external content providers for automated local news and weather forecasts
  • BMW can centrally provide templates with its characteristic branding
  • Role-based user rights access guarantees that users only see content assigned to their own location

Images © EVISCO AG