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Deutsche Post DHL Group


DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf (near Bonn, Germany)


Complete relaunch of the Innovation Center which was founded in 2007


The idea behind the Innovation Center is to foster innovation in cooperation with customers and a network of industry and research partners. Endeavours such as this ensure that Deutsche Post DHL Group remains the driving force behind the worldwide evolution of the logistics sector, which is founded on cutting edge products and services.


Current trends in society and economy are presented using interactive multimedia systems, while highlighting how the services provided by the enterprise are affected by and play into these. The Innovation Center is divided into a number of themed areas, each of which is equipped with digital elements displaying a broad range of content and applications. Built on the latest technology, the Center’s multimedia systems visualise current and future visions, trends and solutions. Tours can be adapted individually and on the fly, presenting visitors with different industry scenarios. The Center also includes rooms for workshops and meetings.

Grassfish’s contribution

  • Interaction concept in coordination with all involved suppliers
  • Reliable, scalable solution for managing playback in the Innovation Center
  • Interactive tour controls using tablets, RFID readers and a custom app selector (overlay)
  • Grassfish CMS, an enterprise grade digital signage solution that integrates with and/or manages the following:
    • Light
    • Sound
    • Playback content
    • HDMI signal switches
    • Motion and touch sensors

The DHL Innovation Center relaunch was implemented with Cancom Didas as general contractor.


Troisdorf (near Bonn, Germany): May 2015
Singapore: End of 2015

Images © Deutsche Post DHL Group