Digital Signage Manager Pro V7.5 now available

In addition to extending the functional scope of Digital Signage Manager Pro, version 7.5 from the digital signage software provider Grassfish Marketing Technologies GmbH introduces support for ePaper devices, integration with external media databases and an even higher degree of flexibility.

“Our latest version provides customers with significantly improved workflows for managing user groups. New features for configuring and grouping players directly in Digital Signage Manager Pro make it easy to maintain an overview and work efficiently and flexibily,” says Roland Grassberger, Grassfish CEO. “These features make defining and checking player configurations a breeze.”


Release V7.5 Highlights

> Player configuration via the CMS
> Centralised management of user group access rights
> Integration of external media databases (e.g. Celum)
> Integration of ePaper door signs (Displaydata Ltd.)
> Whitelist feature for interactive Website spots
> Extended proof of play feature


Configuring Players in the CMS

V7.5 allows players to be conveniently configured directly in the CMS, via the Digital Signage Manager pro server, with the option of defining individual player-specific settings.This feature makes it easier to configure your system while providing a clear overview of your project and helping eliminate sources of error.


Managing User Group Access Rights Centrally

Users can now be assigned to multiple groups and both user groups and their access rights to locations, categories, content and more can be managed centrally.


Integration of ePaper technology and external media databases

From V7.5 onwards, Grassfish Composer provides access to external media databases from Celum. This version also introduces support for cost-efficient ePaper products from Displaydata Ltd. such as digital door signs and price tags.
Press Release – Grassfish Software Release V7.5 95.99 kB