Grassfish V7.3 now available!

Grassfish V7.3 has been released with a whole range of exciting new features.

Users will find improved functions and new tools that will improve their daily work routines, all in our new corporate design.


Grassfish V7.3 release highlights:

  • New corporate design and CI
  • Integrated online user manual (English and German) featuring a search function and glossary
  • Dashboard for monitoring your system status
  • Data importer (UDC) for managing data and product information from external sources
  • Optimised Data Calc for quicker, more efficient transfer of data from the server to player devices
  • PDF viewer
  • Extended multi-language support
  • Generic playlist importer
  • Message Trigger tool for rapid dispatching of emergency information
  • Active Directory integration
  • Integration of the Q-MATIC™ queuing system
  • Grassfish Player for Raspberry Pi™