Deutsche Lufthansa AG

The Client’s Unique Requirement

Lufthansa asked us for a flexible screen network system that allows both the airline itself and partner travel agents to show the latest flight offers and promote sales with localised content.

  • Displays across Germany showing current flight campaigns, along with additional information about products and services available on-board and on the ground, as well as branding and image campaigns
  • Most content is generated dynamically and updated automatically
  • Localisation options need to be highly flexible so that content can be customised right down to individual venues

The Innovative Marketing Challenge

Destinations may be far-flung, but passengers are likely to want to leave from airports close to home. With 429 locations across Germany, it is of prime importance that Lufthansa’s partners can display location-sensitive, up-to-date flight offers on their digital steles. The right content at the right time can give a major sales boost, and pairing ticket offers with emotive videos about the advertised destinations gives an additional marketing edge.

The Inspired Grassfish Solution

Grassfish DS is a Web-based content management system for digital signage networks that handles Lufthansa’s complex requirements with ease:

  • All displayed information and offers can be assigned to individual screens and localised for different regions, cities, types of venues and situations
  • Grassfish’s user-friendly drag & drop user interface makes it easy to quickly create video spots and combine them with dynamic and static content
  • Content can be added and updated rapidly at any time

Images © Deutsche Lufthansa AG