The Client’s Unique Requirement

McFIT, Europe’s leading fitness club chain, approached Grassfish with an exciting and innovative challenge. They asked us to install our sophisticated interactive digital signage system in a new McFIT gym concept that was still at the very early stages of being fitted out. The unique challenge arose from McFIT’s goal to offer location-specific content: they wished to tailor visual and acoustic content regionally and even within one gym. From the CYBERTRAINING fitness courses displayed on video walls to the variety of background music adapted to the different training areas within the gym, they wanted to give their members a locationsensitive gym experience. The impressive performance of our digital signage software and its special features for easily and flexibly assigning content to specific locations met all of McFIT’s needs.

 The Innovative Marketing Challenge

After 15 years of success, McFIT have further developed their fitness services by offering various new training modules. This creates a unique challenge: the different training areas within one gym need to be provided with different visual and acoustic content – a challenge that the sophisticated Grassfish digital signage software system handles with ease.

 The Inspired Grassfish Solution

Our flexible integrated 24/7 multi-screen systems give McFIT complete control over everything they want to say and display on any individual screen, or combination of screens, in any of their equipped gyms. Offering unique opportunities to tailor McFIT’s content regionally, these interactive display systems include:


  • Video walls in CYBERTRAINING rooms where virtual trainers guide gym members through fitness courses, interconnected with digital touch screen schedules and door signage
  • Elegant automated fade-in/fade-out system that coordinates background music with video content
  • Touchscreen terminals with information for members
  • Visual and acoustic content such as weather forecasts and music playlists, specific to the particular gym location and area within the gym

Images © McFIT GmbH