Orange Belgium

The project

To create—together with Orange (former Mobistar) and the respective hardware, software and roll-out partners—an overall concept for the customer.


  • Country: Belgium
  • Rolled out in about 150 shops
  • Over 1.000 players
  • Over 400 virtual shelf players
  • About 7.000 Opticon Electronic Shelf Labels
  • Multilingual: Dutch, French
  • Interfaces: Connection to Orange’s PIM system via XML import

Grassfish’s contribution

In the process the following third-party systems were connected to the Grassfish system:

Integration of the queueing system with the worldwide market leader QMatic
Queueing calls are displayed on all relevant screens within a shop so that each waiting customer is informed about his call, regardless of where he happens to be located within the shop. This way, customers do not have to queue and can instead explore the shop and the products while they wait

Integration of background shop music system
In the so-called music corners, visitors have the opportunity of influencing the current audio playlist. By integrating audience measurement the volume of the background loudspeaker system is automatically controlled on the basis of the number of customers present in the shop. In addition, sound showers are integrated in large-sized shops to keep the total volume in the shop at a reasonable level by means of directional sound.

Opticon Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs)
In order to utilize the advantages of a central data connection, a total of roughly 7,000 ESLs are used in about 150 Orange stores across Belgium, featuring the data of the central Grassfish Data Import Component.

Data analytics based on the Relevance One solution
Through integration of an audience measurement system and advanced demographic reporting, data from shop sensors can be collected, compared and interpreted to draw conclusions from consumer behaviour.

Virtual Shelf Solution
An interactive touchscreen allows staff and customers to get access to the full handset catalogue.

Subproject Virtual Shelf Solution


In this example, the objective was to offer the customer the possibility of being able to easily search for products in an extensive product range. Particularly important in this case were search criteria that filter the product list according to relevance for the customer. 23″ touchscreens in landscape format were used to suit the product size.


  • The number of products that Orange Belgium distributes in its shops exceeded the allotted amount of in-store exhibition space.
  • When purchasing a mobile phone, a lot of information has to be taken into consideration by the customer, including price, promotions, technical specifications and whether or not the device is subsidized by the mobile phone network provider. Furthermore, there are various device facts to be considered, such as camera quality, MP3 support, screen size, processor speeds, etc.
  • When it came to prices, the sales personnel had to resort to printed pricelists.

Orange was therefore confronted with the following challenge: How can I show a potential customer, who is currently present in my shop, my entire product catalogue and offer him all the information relevant for the purchase by way of an easily operable user interface? The customer should be sufficiently supported in his decision-making process, so that a successful purchase transaction is achieved.

Grassfish’s contribution

Grassfish developed an interactive application for Orange Belgium that runs as a fully integrated program within the Grassfish system and therefore has full access to all existing Grassfish functions, such as integration of data interfaces and generation of reports.

In this project of creating an Orange Virtual Shelf, Grassfish spearheaded and managed the creative design phase, the implementation as well as the testing. The user journey was developed in several workshops together with the decision-makers from Orange Belgium, which then formed the basis on which the user interface of the virtual shelf application was developed. Grassfish was also responsible for the development of the corresponding data importers that integrate the Orange data interfaces and display this data accordingly on the user interface.

Images © Orange Belgium