Review: Grassfish Summit 2016

On 16 June 2016 Grassfish welcomed over 80 clients and partners from areas such as retail, technology, IT, telecommunication and media to the annual Grassfish Summit at the MuseumsQuartier in the heart of Vienna.

This year’s slogan „The future of digital touchpoints – the future of Grassfish” not only encompassed a presentation of the company’s new positioning and strategy. A main focus also lay on the digital transformation of the retail industry, which – by means of interactivity and digitalisation – is moving more and more towards intelligent stores. Grassfish supports this concept with a new and comprehensive product portfolio based on state-of-the-art technology.

Attendees received an exclusive preview of the company’s new product structure as well as the V10. By presenting and integrating current case studies, such as the project Orange Belgium, the audience was shown how screens, virtual shelves, electronic price tags, appropriate software and analytics features can turn a regular store into an interactive, informative world of customer experience.

Together with several partners a variety of installations were constructed and implemented, which were on display in an adjoining room. The highlight of the day was clearly the humanoid robot Pepper (SoftBank Robotics and noDNA), whose fields of application could revolutionise the retail industry.

Personal talks and mutual exchange were not only the object of the numerous networking breaks; as per last year, attendees were able to set individual meetings with Grassfish the days before and after the summit at the company’s headquarters. A special workshop on the new V10 and the HTML-Wizard was also part of the framework programme, as was the traditional dinner in a typical Austrian restaurant on the evening of the summit.