Consulting services

The success of intelligent stores depends on the correct combination of digital solutions and the content to be communicated. The right mix has to be found for each industry and each customer, dependent on the objective, target group and target budget.

The expert consultants at Grassfish provide our customers and their creative service providers with support for the implementation of intelligent store projects. In our capacity as a retail specialist, we speak the language of both the industry and of marketing and agencies. We contribute case studies, concepts and technical expertise for the implementation of innovative solutions, convince with our technical knowledge and help technical service providers with the drawing-up of requirements. Product management and training courses round off our wide range of services.

Support services

Digital media networks involve a complex interplay between hardware, software, media, interfaces and more. The Grassfish software is remarkably stable; however, in the unlikely event that something should go wrong, we are at hand to support our clients proactively. Continuous monitoring of all components and our well-trained Grassfish partners form the first line of defence, ensuring that errors are identified and fixed quickly.

Our Technical Services team supports our partners and together we provide several different support packages. This enables our clients to choose the level of support, scope of services and reaction times that best suit their network’s needs.

Monitoring services

In addition to our regular support services, clients have the option to order our server monitoring services (based on Nagios® Core). These include the monitoring of all important system parameters, allowing us to proactively identify and respond to problems even before they are apparent in the client’s network.

Custom development

Our software’s supremely flexible configuration options guarantee that all our clients can work with the same software version, regardless of their requirements – a great advantage in terms of ensuring that the system is maintainable and future-proof. Custom features, available upon request, are usually implemented via interfaces and include components such as

  • Interfaces to external systems
  • Automated content generation and -management
  • Special widgets for displaying dynamic content
  • Interactive applications

The Grassfish software can be configured to meet even highly complex project requirements. Our project managers can advise you on custom-developed solutions and are responsible for efficient planning, implementation and quality assurance. The project team for custom-developed components includes our in-house Development team as well as the Documentation and Quality Assurance departments, ensuring rapid, high-quality results.

Various hosting models to suit your needs

Several hosting options are available: Clients can host the Grassfish software on their own servers or make use of our hosting services. In the latter case, we host the complete software package and provide continuous monitoring and backup services. Depending on the specific requirements and budget, clients can opt for a shared server or a dedicated server. Grassfish uses high-performance data centres and Microsoft’s cloud services.

Our hosting services provide our clients with convenient, secure and high-performance access to our software – so that they can concentrate on the essentials.