Stations as a Service – UK Railway train stations

Co-funded by Innovate UK and RSSB (Rail Safety and Standards Board), StaaS is an award-winning two-year collaborative innovation project with the goal of creating a new technical, operational and commercial model for future train stations.
Based on real-life user scenarios, StaaS addresses the connectivity demands of four groups: security providers, train operators, retailers and passengers. By converging various technologies such as Building Management, Internet of Things and Big Data, StaaS benefits all groups involved.

StaaS iServices Networked Kiosk was developed by Grassfish to deliver customised content based on real-time data. The iServices Kiosk provides a significant opportunity to deliver high-value services across a broad range of user scenarios: dynamic advertising space, live operator helpdesk, real-time travel information and way-finding.

The first pilot project was rolled out at three UK train stations – small, medium and large respectively – to make the added value of shared data visible and exploitable. StaaS will converge disparate subsystems onto a single, IP-based network, allowing for development and testing of a holistic architecture with centralised management. This will enable operators to move from closed systems to a co-operative, shared structure. It will also provide a blueprint for improving customer experience.
The objective of the StaaS IoE Transportation Lab is to provide a fully integrated platform to host the Proof of Concepts (PoC) developed against each of the StaaS themes; Security, Operations, Retail and Passenger Experience. The associated system architecture ensures that the interactive digital media is fully configured remotely, utilising the StaaS converged IP network, transforming the Operator and Customer experiences.
StaaS already won the Rail Exec award for “Most Interesting Approach to Train Operations” in December 2014.

Cisco CREATE is based in East London. As part of Cisco’s Olympic Legacy investment, the team was established in 2011 to drive UK innovation in a collaborative and open environment.
Cisco CREATE is a team of innovators, industry experts, developers and researchers. From inception through to physical demonstrations in UK cities, Cisco CREATE ventures into the future of technology. It takes different perspectives to envision the future. At Cisco CREATE technology solutions are developed that help UK Public Sector deliver services better and more efficiently.
Working areas like energy, transport, healthcare and education are assisting cities and city-regions to develop their own plans and projects for sustainable growth.