Face Mask Detection

CCC - Face Mask - The solution to the COVID 19 challenge!
Automated verification of mandatory mask wearing in public spaces

GRASSFISH & Sightcorp have developed a new product, CCC - Face Mask, which allows for automated mask detection during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Sightcorp’s DeepSight AI-based system, analyzes a video stream to determine if a single person, or even a crowd, are wearing face masks.

If the application identifies a person as not wearing a mask, a custom message can be displayed via a digital screen to remind all customers to wear masks before entering the premises.

 Coupled with an existing Grassfish CMS installation, CCC - Face Mask is an easily installed extension and provides a cost-effective solution to cope with COVID 19.


CCC Face Mask advantages

• Compliance with Covid 19 regulations

• Spoof-proof anonymous scanning

• Out-of-the-box technology

• Digital signage screens warn customers to wear masks

• Warning to personnel that some customers are not wearing masks

•Real-time analysis of USB or IP cameras via RTSP streams


Grassfish CMS integration advantages

• Easy integration into the Grassfish CMS environment

• Reporting and evaluation of viewed commercials

• Rule-based system that can be continously adapted to changing circumstances


GRASSFISH components:

• Xperience HUB (hardware)

• CMS inkl. Xperience Platform

• Digital signage

• GRASSFISH licenses


Sightcorp components:

• Standard webcam

• Windows or Linux player

• Sightcorp  licenses

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