Spar Swiss

The innovation in the DOOH market! Digital signage software from GRASSFISH combined with programmatic sales functions.

BMW Global

An adaptable dealer TV network allows for centralised as well as localised content


Interactive applications on tablet PCs and touchscreens facilitate the daily banking activities for customers

Hamburg Airport

The enhanced interactive digital wayfinding system helps passengers navigate the terminals

Deutsche Post DHL

Interactive multimedia systems visualise current and future visions, trends and solutions

Orange Belgium

A comprehensive, analytics-based system brings the store to life and adds intelligence


Flexible, integrated 24/7 multi-screen systems enable location-specific content

WU Wien

A campus-wide screen network displays information on lectures, events, opening hours, etc.


A POS-TV network provide customers with promotional content and targeted information


A flexible screen network enables location-sensitive, up-to-date flight offers and promotions


A POS-screen network keeps customers entertained and informed about current offers

CISCO for Volkswagen

Touchscreen displays allow customers to engage with service employees via video call

Wiener Stadtwerke

An employee information system keeps staff across various subsidiaries and locations up to date