13 years of DG VERLAG and Grassfish - a digital success story in banking

We are on a journey to infinite digital expanses. The year is 2021 - Deutscher Genossenschafts-Verlag eG (DG VERLAG) has been using Grassfish's digital signage platform for around 13 years to provide its customers with a comprehensive digital experience. These are the voyages of DG VERLAG, which has been on the road with Grassfish since 2008, exploring new possibilities in digital signage and uncovering new sales potential for its customers. Many light years away from display stands and employee-designed posters, DG VERLAG is moving into new areas, new worlds. But all joking aside - as one of the longest-standing clients, DG VERLAG is an important part of the Grassfish development story and that story is told here.

GIM_Composing_Videowall_ePlakate_Stele KopieGrassfish-DG-Verlag

As a central marketing service provider, DG VERLAG in Wiesbaden offers the members of the Bundesverband der Deutschen Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken (BVR) a complete package of hardware, installation, service and content in print media as well as in the digital arena. The Grassfish digital signage platform serves as the basis for the digital touchpoints such as e-posters, video walls, touch panels, digital notice boards or tablets for the bank branches. New products and functions are developed together - in a close partnership that has grown over the years.