Use Case: ElectronicPartner AG

The Client’s Unique Requirement

The client asked us to present their sales message on 200 Electronic Posters operating in stores in Austria, plus another 200 located in Switzerland, added to some 650 operating in Germany, each system consisting of 40” and 42” portrait screens …all operating on a 24/7 basis and every single screen controlled and maintained both remotely and centrally. What it all adds up to is a unique international electronic poster communications challenge and an excellent example of how Grassfish can successfully apply its exceptional skill and expertise in digital signage software for the benefit of our client. Challenges like this bring out the best in us and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

The Innovative Marketing Challenge

To achieve maximum success for EP, our attractive in-store digital signage network had to directly support their wideranging existing print and TV sales promotions while, at the same time, provide the technical sales information needed to assist and encourage personal shoppers to make a positive buying decision. We successfully met this challenge.

From the outset it was essential for us to establish what size screens we should use and identify the most effective presentation format for capturing and holding the maximum levels of customer attention. In addition we had to ensure that we produced and provided both our client and their customers with a 100% positive viewing experience incorporating the very best in Digital Signage Software quality.

ElectronicPartner AG

Virtual Shelf at ElectronicPartner

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