Support services

Digital media networks typically consist of hardware, software, media, interfaces and much more. Grassfish software is highly stable; however, for complete peace of mind, we are always on hand to provide support should it ever be required. Grassfish's well-trained partners are the first line of defence and using advanced component monitoring, errors can be quickly identified and fixed.

Our Technical Services team supports our partners and together we provide several different support packages. This enables our clients to choose the level of support, scope of services and reaction times that best suit their network’s needs.

Monitoring services

In addition to our regular support services, clients have the option to order our server monitoring services (based on Nagios® Core). These include the monitoring of all important system parameters, allowing us to proactively identify and respond to problems even before they are apparent in the client’s network.

Hosting options to suit your needs

Clients have the option to host Grassfish software on their own servers or to choose hosting services provided by Grassfish. We can host the complete software package and provide continuous monitoring and backup services: and depending on your requirements and budget, you can select to use a shared or a dedicated server.

Grassfish uses high-performance data centres and Microsoft’s cloud services to provide convenient, secure and high-performance access to our software – so clients are free to concentrate on business matters.