A Look Back at Rethink! Internet of Retail Minds 2018


The third 'Rethink! Internet of Retail Minds' event was held in Berlin from the 24th to the 26th of June 2018. Grassfish participated in the event as a partner and with a keynote presentation by Roland Grassberger. Learnings from a key event.

By Max Schoredits

The Rethink! Internet of Retail Minds event is Europe's leading retailer platform focused on digital transformation, connected services and IoT.  In his keynote 'I know what you will buy next summer', Roland Grassberger points out how useful and feasible use cases can be developed from the ever-growing volumes of data. He presented use cases which allow for a targeted approach of customers on the sales floor. The result of the combination of data generated both online and offline are exciting applications which in turn allow for the creation of offers for customers - applications which offer real added value.

In addition to the keynote, other presentations on the first day mostly focused on brand/retailer experiences highlighting their path from traditional stationary retailers to omnichannel providers. They showcased the significant country-specific differences in the approach as well as customer expectations.

Deep insights into digitalisation strategies

Honest and open feedback from decision makers of global players such as Coca Cola, Danone and Lego, which is often characterised by multiple digitalisation attempts, gave attendees the chance to take away valuable insights for their own benefit. They delivered deep insights into their digitalisation strategies and provided assessments on future market developments. By means of first-hand experiences, future technologies such as voice assistants, blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence were among the hot topics discussed.  

On the second day, under the moderation of renowned specialists, workshops were held where use cases were presented and practical implementation scenarios were developed.  These workshops proved that regardless of the respective field or the continent in question, everyone faces similar challenges.  A company with the bundled know-how and drive gained from these workshops could very well be the market leader.

Exciting learnings for retailers

In addition to exciting presentations, the Rethink! Internet of Retail Minds event offered ample networking opportunities with leaders of international top retailers such as Walmart, Sainsbury's, Landmark, Elkjop and Coles.

Event learnings at a glance:

  • Omnichannel/Multichannel: Buzzwords which are no longer discussed. Anybody who fails to do that is already history today. The where, how and when is determined by the customer and not the retailer.
  • Trust: The top priority is to (re)build trust, partially lost due to globalisation, industrialisation and a lack of transparency. Regardless whether it is the lack of transparency relating to the supply chain - e.g. the origin of products / where is my Schnitzel from? - the focus is on recommendations: It is becoming more and more important to catch up.  
  • Agility: Nobody knows what the future holds. Although one thing is clear: The future will be here quickly. Therefore, for projects and store concepts, maximum agility and flexibility are key.
  • AI/Machine Learning: A topic which should not be skipped: Everything that is automatable or supportable is replaced by these technologies.

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Max Shoredits, Area Sales Manager Central Europe, Grassfish Marketing Technologies

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