Bosch opens three more digitally assisted stores

Three new digitally supported monobrand stores from Bosch Haushaltsgeräte

Bosch Hausgeräte represent technology for life and innovative products that make life easier and more comfortable. Following the Bosch Monobrand Stores in Vienna and Seiersberg, Bosch is now opening three more worlds of experience for the networked world of home appliances in Linz and Vienna and is sending a positive signal in a difficult time for retail. The store concept implemented by umdasch The Store Makers has its finger on the pulse of the times and combines shopfitting with digital touchpoints such as digital signage displays, video walls, electronic price labelling and customer tablets.

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Together with the experts from umdasch Digital Retail and the store designers, a store concept was developed in the form of an inviting, homely product landscape. When designing the space, care was taken to present the innovative household appliances in an equally progressive way. The Bosch brand's goal of making everyday life easier with innovative products runs through the entire store. Thus, digital touchpoints such as screens and video walls (4 x 55 inches), customer tablets and digital price labels were seamlessly integrated into the store design. 

This "natural" use of new technologies supports the modern positioning of the products.

With the opening of the monobrand store in Graz in May 2020 and now three more in Vienna and Linz, Bosch is sending a positive signal in a difficult time for retailers. Umdasch The Store Makers implemented a store concept that allows customers to experience Bosch products in a modern setting and facilitates processes through digital support. For example, customers receive even better and more interactive advice thanks to digital support for the consulting staff, marketing is relieved in the creation of content for digital signage channels, and sales processes are optimized thanks to the central product database. Grassfish's DS Manger Pro enables the automated creation and playback of content as well as the collection and display of analytics.

Read the full case study

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