Automated monitoring and control of the number of customers in the branch, centrally adjustable and evaluable

In the fight against the COV-19 pandemic, limiting the number of people in a store becomes an important element in the restoration of public life. This is a challenge for retailers, as it means that the number of customers must be monitored continuously and completely, and customers coming into the store must be informed accordingly. Retailers and service providers have to prepare for a longer phase of these measures, and information upon entering a store becomes an elementary touchpoint in customer communication.

Grassfish, as Europe's leading manufacturer of digital signage and digital experience solutions for the retail industry, offers an out-of-the-box solution. Simple commissioning, central management, integration and expandability are clear advantages of this solution - based on many years of experience with highly scalable 24/7 systems and the linking of sensors and digital information.

Grassfish CCC Customer.Count.Control is suitable for every store size - with one or more entrances and exits. The control of the system (maximum number of persons in the store, graphic display, ...) is  done centrally for all stores - or for each store individually. Real-time monitoring ensures correct and uninterrupted functioning of the system. The reporting module delivers meaningful statistics as a basis for planning. The system can be expanded and integrated into the IT landscape at any time.

The monitoring of the entrances is camera-based and therefore more accurate than other solutions on the market. Displays in the entrance area can be used not only to control visitor flow, but also to communicate the recommended protective measures and any new guidelines. This can also be extended with current marketing material.

The Grassfish CCC Customer.Count.Control is not a mere measure to cope with the current situation but is also an investment in the future. The use of camera-based sensors and the possibilities of the Grassfish xPerience Hub provide a basis for numerous use cases for Smart Retail innovations.


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