CCC ENTRY & PRO - The solution in COVID 19 times!

With two different solutions for digital access restrictions in shops and branches GRASSFISH, the market leader for Digital Signage, is at the pulse of our time! 

These two efficient solutions give you an exact overview of the number of customers in your shop and a functional traffic light system to limit the number of customers to the legally required level.

CCC Customer.Count.Control ENTRY and PRO are the names of the digital innovations in COVID 19 times.

An individually configurable display welcomes your customers and offers not only traffic light information but also the possibility to show promotional information. This makes it a useful element in interacting with customers even after Corona times.

The sensor technology provides meaningful information on customer numbers and average length of stay - a feature that will also be useful after Corona.

This means that the GRASSFISH CCC solutions are not insular solutions that turn out to be a lost investment after a few months, but a long-term advantage for the digitalisation of your outlets.


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