CCC Face Mask - The solution in COVID 19 Times

GRASSFISH & Sightcorp have developed a new product, CCC Face Mask, which allows for automated mask detection during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Sightcorp’s DeepSight AI-based system, analyzes a video stream to determine if a single person, or even a crowd, are wearing face masks.

If the application identifies a person as not wearing a mask, a custom message can be displayed via a digital screen to remind all customers to wear masks before entering the premises. If no message is shown, the screen can function as an advertising or info screen.

CCC Face Mask is the ideal solution for retail stores, pharmacies, train stations, hotels, medical practices, hospitals, airports and office buildings.

Coupled with an existing Grassfish CMS installation, CCC Face Mask is an easily installed extension and provides a cost-effective solution to cope with COVID 19. Digital and at the pulse of time! 

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