Vienna Airport: Digital expansions despite pandemic

Digital expansions despite a pandemic at Vienna Airport

At times of the current pandemic-situation, the Vienna International Airport (VIE) records a massive decrease in passengers. The airport of Vienna, though, relies on innovation, digitalisation and new ideas in view of this tourism crisis, to guide us into a positive development in the future.

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Besides the partnership with young start-ups, the Vienna International Airport expanded its digital advertising spaces. The Vienna-Airport-MEDIA distributes the digital and analogue advertising spaces at the airport of Vienna and thus created a brand hub for this interesting location.

„The Vienna International Airport relies – even in times of a pandemic – on innovation and with that on the expertise of young and creative start-ups. “ Says Ben Kloss, head of Plug and Play Austria.


Digital Touchpoints for DOOH at VIE

When you drive from Vienna, exit the busy highway and enter the area of the airport you will immediately spot digital advertising steles right at the start of the road. Just like the other digital touchpoints, their content is managed through the DS Manager Pro by Grassfish.

OP4_Bruecke_MediaMesh (6)FlughafenWienThe exteriors highlight is an impressive LED-Video-Wall, shaped like an aeroplane above the main entrance of the airport. With its 180 square meters of space, it is the largest outdoor LED video wall in Austria and offers advertisers the opportunity to address their target groups emotionally at the highest level.

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Inside terminal 3, there is a massive Mega-Wall, which consists of 78 displays, that catch anyone’s eye. The technical challenge of this videowall is the synchronised circuit of the displays, so that they melt into a huge, homogeneous element. This site alone has an average frequency of about 11.7mio. passengers and airport staff, which provides a high contact quality for the advertisers.

LED-Wall_Gepaeckausgabe (4)flughafenwien_AirportMediaArriving guests from all over the world are being greeted by 120 synchronised displays in groups of 4, above the conveyor belts in the baggage claim area. 

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The gate walkways and terminals in the entire airport are equipped with ultra-HD displays in various dimensions and LED-walls.

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The content for all digital elements like LED-walls, single displays or display groups are being centrally driven over the DS Manager Pro by Grassfish. Thereby the playout occurs in the highest quality, regarding image quality as well as the transitions in between the content. The Grassfish-system also takes over extensive monitoring and reporting, two of the most important functions of an advertising network.

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Digital Signage for COVID19-testing lanes implemented in record time

The everchanging rules and conditions concerning the COVID19-pandemic poses a great challenge for passenger-communication. To offer the passengers the highest service quality possible, the VIE counts on digital wayfinding and digital project support as seen at the testing lanes in the terminal areas. Within a pilot project, digital steles were posted to display the different steps of the process of the testing lane.
The android-based digital touchpoints are being controlled by the DS Manager Pro by Grassfish and allow for a flexible and multilingual display of site-specific content.

Office Park 4 – digital touchpoints for co-working spaces, meeting rooms and the congress centre

The newly opened Office Park 4 provides a state -of-the-art office complex with an area of 26,000 square meters. The meeting rooms and the congress centre are being equipped with digital entry controls via QR code scanning and a booking system. Holding a meeting with investors, completing business hours, or running a video conference during your stay at the airport is easily possible through this feature.

The building design mirrors the zeitgeist of the future working world. A modern wayfinding system, info-desks and digital elements help the staff as well as the guests to find their way around or communicate news quickly.

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About the Vienna International Airport:
The Flughafen Wien AG is one of the few airports in Europe listed on the stock exchange. As the developer, builder and full-service operator of Vienna International Airport, it offers the entire range of related services. The VIE offers attractive media performances and top-contact-qualities. The brand Vienna Airport MEDIA stands for multidimensional communication- and media-offers, connected to the many different possibilities of innovative brand representation at VIE.

Contact Airport Media: Ilse Koinig

Images: ©AirportMedia, ©FlughafenWien, ©AirportCity

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