Grassfish Digital Signage Manager Pro Version 8 released


High-end media management, performance and unrivalled range of supported devices. With the release of Version 8 of its Digital Signage Manager Pro software, Grassfish MarketingTechnologies GmbH is introducing a large number of new features, once again underscoring thecompany’s position as Europe’s biggest provider of digital signage software. V8 of the content management system delivers a large number of new features and optimised performance, boosting productivity and making managing even very large networks with tens of thousands of screens and media assets rapid and efficient. Integration of technologies such as Samsung SoC, BrightSign media players, Opticon and DisplayData ePaper systems and Android-based players has raised Grassfish’s support of multi-device networks to a whole new level.

“With V8, we have really achieved a big step forward for our partners and customers,” Roland Grassberger, Grassfish CEO, says. “The latest version of our CMS is more powerful and feature-rich than ever before, providing even greater opportunities for innovative projects. Our scope of features demonstrates that digital signage is evolving beyond a niche product and becoming an integral part of the IT and communications environment of any large enterprise. V8 supports the structures and workflows of large organisations, optimally extending the reach of their digital communications to all locations. Workflow features support collaboration between different editors, channel managers and agencies. Version management, localizable variants and being able to define rules for use of content allow for transparent, secure content management in multinational settings. I especially see added value in our partnerships with Samsung, BrightSign and Opticon. Their products provide outstanding features. We are seeing more and more projects that require a range of different end devices so that each touchpoint optimally addresses different needs. Integrating a mix of different end devices will become the norm and we are delighted to be instrumental in helping our partners and customers leverage new technologies.”


V8 Release Highlights

  • Version management and localisable variants of content
  • Customisable criteria for restricting content use (e.g. by channel, touchpoint, country or time period)
  • Workflows for ordering, editing and approving media
  • Locally stored HTML spots for dynamic and interactive content
  • Optimised playlist management
  • Advanced permission system
  • Improved central player configuration management
  • Data Warehouse feature for customisable reports and analysis of monitoring data
  • Optimised performance
  • New player versions for Linux and Android
  • Integration of Samsung SoC, BrightSign and Opticon


About Grassfish

Grassfish is the leading European provider of digital signage software. Grassfish’s content management system makes it easy to centrally manage digital touchpoints such as screens, tablets and self-service terminals and create compelling, customised content, boosting sales, brand recognition and interactive communication between customers and employees. Grassfish specialises in complex, multinational projects with large numbers of connected players, screens and other multimedia end devices, but also implements small to medium size projects. Grassfish’s consulting, project management and development services are founded on a unique combination of IT and marketing expertise, providing optimal support from start to finish. Founded in 2006 in Vienna, Austria, Grassfish delivers projects together with top-notch partners around the globe and also operates an office in the USA.

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