The future of retail. Today. Highlights of the Grassfish partner summit.


The shop reacts to the customer in real-time and the retailer is informed about everything – new smart store solutions at the 2018 Grassfish summit

By Roland Grassberger

At the 2018 partner summit, Grassfish again gave new momentum to the realisation of innovative digital concepts in stationary retail. Grassfish applied the scalable and fast implementation options in a range of workshops, the core areas being analytics and customer experience.

Inspiring customer journey elements

Customers want to be inspired in the shop – this is just one of the findings of a survey Grassfish conducted last year among consumers in Germany and the UK. The new player, and in particular the Xperience Hub, allow for the realisation of inspiring concepts and the enhancement of the customer journey.

The technical component

The new player generation offers seamless image transitions and the option to synchronise content across multiple screens. These high-quality visual impressions add to the emotional aspect which can be communicated via moving images.

The Xperience Hub allows for the creation of new interactive experiences. It automatically connects to sensors, cameras, tablets, lighting controls and media players to combine data from all systems and to manage the digital touchpoints in the shop.

Applied POS technology

To visualise the new possibilities, Grassfish showcased two installations at the summit. A range of use cases were presented, such as:

  • Lift & Learn applications: motivate the customer to interact with the products and allow the customer to independently obtain product information as well as product comparisons
  • Removed products are detected automatically and additional information is displayed on the screen: the customer can look up product information without an employee present
  • Requesting information via help button: an additional button for the customer to gather information
  • Retailer notification regarding customer interests and removed products: all applications provide valuable insight into customer interests
  • Management of the digital screens via staff tablet: a way to personally interact with the customer on the floor, e.g. to show informational product videos
  • Displayed content adapts in real-time, varying by each person standing in front of the screen: depending on the scenario, customer-specific content is shown

Fast and simple implementation

The simple realisation and combination of these applications is the hallmark feature of the Xperience Hub. The hub as well as the player are now available to order.

Data crucial to decision-making is processed for analysis

The Xperience Hub is also the central device responsible for the collection of data for shop analytics. It supports the integration of people counters, audience measurement systems as well as interactive kiosk applications. All data is collected and combined on the hub and then transferred to the Xperience Platform. Customer figures and segments can be visualised for evaluation. In addition to this, the new dashboard of the Grassfish platform allows for the easy generation and implementation of customer-specific reports.

The focus is on real-time

The shop reacts to the customer in real-time and this data is then also available to the retailer in real-time

Roland Grassberger, Founder and CEO of Grassfish Marketing Technologies

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