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Grassfish was an invitee to the Natural Cosmetics Branch Conference, during which it became evident that a substantial trend had arisen in the industry, with an ever-increasing amount of people now favoring natural cosmetics.

This is contrasted by additional trends that present challenges to the retail industry, most importantly the diversification of the market due to changes brought up by digitisation, which renders traditional distribution- and marketing concepts obsolete. As part of his presentation, CEO Roland Grassberger outlined suggestions, inputs and measures that Grassfish can provide in this context.

A Solid Basis

For quite some time, Grassfish has not only been innovating ground-breaking solutions for the single retail trade, but also trying to understand the specific expectations that customers have. 

Based on this knowledge, Grassfish develops innovative solutions providing answers for retailers on the varying facets that have emerged due to the increasing expectations held by customers. In 2017, we conducted a representative survey polling 1000 consumers from Germany and the UK, which provided us with essential input to our work.

The resulting „Grassfish Market Report“  is a reflection of the changing expectations that consumers have towards the in-store experience.

The solutions developed by us have one thing in common, they all place humans in the focus of attention. This position coincides with that of author and high-performance coach Bert Martin Ohnemüller, who also held a presentation at the Natural Cosmetics Branch Conference. He also places the centre of interest on humans and believes that enduring success can only be attained by understanding human nature.  So far, so good. But what does this have to do with our solutions?

An answer to many questions

One of the central questions that our marketing report sought to clarify was how consumers view the topic of personalisation when shopping in stores and how much value they place on technology.

We got the following results across a wide range of age groups: From a large amount of different age clusters between 16 and 59, over 65% stated that they believed that technology in shops allows increased personalisation.  

Furthermore, a strong tendency became evident. Especially the group of 16-29-year-olds desires additional personalisation when shopping in a store. This finding is seen as highly critical by us at Grassfish, as these are the customers of tomorrow that are currently in the process of building up their purchasing power.

What we do for the natural cosmetics trade

Personal hygiene and beauty care are highly personal topics. These, in conjunction with the demand that products should be manufactured from natural resources immediately call up questions about information and transparency. 

As we all know, consumers have been emancipating themselves for a long time, especially when seeking detailed information. This plausibly explains the wish for more personalisation, as it constitutes no more than the customer’s wish for an information filter in this age of information overload, as personalisation has little to do with irrelevant information. Providing customers with concrete options, while offering room for interactions with a product are one of the key elements of Grassfish solutions.

In order to depict actions pertaining to a certain product, Grassfish makes use of smart store technologies to develop applications that greatly increase customer/product involvement, ensuring that a customer has the necessary amount of freedom when searching for information.

RFID technology guarantees product interaction

The solution is provided by sensor-oriented applications such as Lift&Learn or loyalty settings that personalise offers for the individual customer. The best possibility for interaction is paired with the option of acquiring specific information and achieved with applications such as Lift&Learn or Put&Learn. 

RFID recognizes the setting of a product that has been elevated and uses this information to trigger content on the product or product line. This is precisely the moment in which content that distinguishes natural cosmetic products from others, exerts an unexpectedly strong effect. 

How was the product manufactured? Where does it come from? What am I buying aside from the product itself? What environmental effect does the production of palm oil really have? Which other natural cosmetic products are similar or can be used instead?


Personalised Content

An additional opportunity to offer specific information is by connecting existing customer loyalty programme with Grassfish technology. The customer is then recognized via a loyalty card. 

The customer receives e.g., specific details about new products on a customer loyalty screen, which also provides information that is connected to his regular shopping behaviour. This process creates a noticeable and valuable connection between the customer, the company and the brand. 

Grassfish provides a plethora of different options and can thus accommodate any type of customer loyalty program. The functions that were thus far mainly used online can now also be used on the sales floor.

Smart Store by Grassfish

Smart Store by Grassfish is considerably more than just hanging up a bunch of screens in a store and playing content. We not only equip our customers with tools for the design of content, we also provide the required instruments for creating and composing that allow you to control and optimise the most minute details of your customer journey. The result is a customer journey that is inherently yours by default, as you were the person who created it.

A quick ride through „Smart Store by Grassfish“

We can bundle different flows of data (screen data, sensors, etc.) in real time to a central point in the store, which allows you to decide upon the rules it must subject to. This will define how your in-store devices work together. In addition, we provide you with the option of receiving KPIs that you define, without the need for specific programming skills.

You thus receive a complete package that contains the two key elements: the possibility to compose next generation customer experiences and an analytics package. You do want to know what’s going on, right?

Peaked your interest?

DEMOKIT_mockup_ENJust test „Smart Store by Grassfish“ and convince yourself.

We offer a Smart Store demo kit that contains the building blocks for a Grassfish smart store and allows rapid examination in a matter of a few weeks. Click here for additional information.

Contact us today and inform yourself how we can help your business in the future.

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