Jobs at Grassfish: Six questions for Milena Fikic

About Milena Fikic / Director of Quality Assurance.

Today we introduce you to Milena, 34 who already at a young age worked on the Commodore64 and had a fear of breaking something. Today, this is exactly her job – thoroughly putting Grassfish solutions through their paces.

This is why I started at Grassfish:

I completed my computer science degree in Serbia with a focus on graphics & design in Serbia which then led me to the field of video editing. In many ways, it is very similar to software testing because it is crucial to be as exact as possible, almost finicky if you will.

Moreover, I have always wanted to have a non-typical woman’s job and quality has also always been my passion.

What my typical day looks like:

A typical day at work is very fast-paced. My mornings are very well-structured, and I coordinate my day already on my way to work, either on my bicycle or on the subway. I brief my team, who I know very very well, early in the mornings.

On less busy days, for example in the holiday or Christmas period, I try to catch up on my work and do research, in addition to the anticipation of taking new things apart, not only software but touch applications and vending machines as well.

This is what makes my job special:

Being responsible for the quality is something that is very special to me. Grassfish is such a broad and multi-functional system which develops continuously, that it is not possible to be bored. You can learn something new and make improvements every day. Most importantly, my team makes me very happy and proud because they are people you can rely on 100%. 😊

The best thing about my job is:

Many things. The best thing about my job is the ability to work with a lot of different departments even though my job is often seen as controlling. At the end of the day what counts for all of us here at Grassfish, is the quality of our products.

I always try to stay on top of things and for this reason I have been affectionately called ‘the overseer’.😊

What I like to do in my spare time:

I read quality assurance and software testing books and try to develop new ideas this way.

I recently acquired a black Fiat 500 and love to cruise the streets. 😊

I love Vienna and try to see the city through the eyes of a tourist. For example, each year I visit the ‘Lange Nacht der Museen’ and ride the Sightseeing Bus around town. The only thing I try to avoid is testing other software, for example in a restaurant, when you order food via tablet and try to crash it while you wait.

A perfect weekend:

When my dog is not sick, and we do not have to go to the vet. When I am able to find time on the weekend for those who are special to me. A fun dinner or lunch with a lot of laughs, because laughing is very important and healthy. 😊


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