Latest Software Version 11.3 is released!

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Grassfish constantly keeps pushing the development of their products. Workflow support, analysability and integrability in a company’s IT landscape are the main focus. Version 11.3 has been released recently. This version contains several new features.

  • Widget-based reporting: Customer-specific reports are easy to create and integrate into the CMS via a widget system that corresponds with the dashboard. Not only can you evaluate classic digital signage themes such as proof-of-play and content in a single system, but also sensor data or usage data from interactive applications.
  • Font management: The user now has the option of uploading and managing his own fonts in the CMS. 
  • Expansion of the standard fonts in the Composer
  • Display management: The screen control codes for turning the power on/off and the status query of screens via RS232 and HDMI can now be created and managed within the CMS.
  • New Dashboard Widget: Five new standard widgets have been added to this version (content for keywords, content for tags, new playlist version released, player versions, spots available for spot group).
  • DAM integration of the DAM: CELUM Interactive is a sophisticated digital asset management system. A tight-fitting integration into the Grassfish CMS is now possible via an interface. The assets managed in Celum can be used directly in Grassfish.
  • Multiple allocation of tags
  • Notification Center: The notification center allows users to send notifications to other users to e.g. inform them of new content or maintenance work. Additionally, the CMS can automatically generate and send out notifications about system-internal events such as released playlists, available new content etc.
  • Authentification in website spots:The display of company-specific data is especially important in the field of corporate communication where data are often managed in web platforms such as Sharepoint, which require an authentification to display them. It is now possible that e.g. Sharepoint pages are shown directly in website spots.

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