Long-term thinking can avoid digital screen dramas

Long-term thinking can avoid digital screen dramas

In today’s retail industry, it’s quickly becoming apparent that nimbleness and the ability to easily move with the times is crucial to commercial success.

This approach can help retailers introduce relevant and compelling customer experiences, and it’s certainly the line of thinking they should be taking when they switch their attention to choosing digital signage solutions.

We’ve all heard the stories of how retailers have been held back by legacy technology during the digital revolution – with many companies thwarted in their plans to introduce new tech-fuelled customer experiences due to inflexible systems. It’s been a costly process for many retailers as they build the agility in.

Retailers have learnt that their world moves quickly, and as they come to make their digital signage investment they should be looking for solutions that won’t box them in. Think software-first, not screen-first, and they’ll have a digital signage network that can grow with them.

Get the basics right

Brand building via engaging digital posters and video walls, or displaying content to create a consistent message around a store, is digital signage at its most straightforward level – and it’s the starting point for many as they enter the new world of electronic screens.

For some retailers, particularly the smaller ones, that might be everything they need but the majority of businesses are inevitably going to want much more than that as their brick-and-mortar estates becomes increasingly digitised and connected in the years ahead, and consumer behaviour continues to evolve.

Those that put their focus on the investment they are making in large screens while overlooking the importance of the software that powers the screen may start to encounter difficulties. This is where the fast-changing nature of retail should be setting alarm bells ringing again – the role digital signage is starting to play today, and will increasingly play in the future, is a much more sophisticated affair.

Sophisticated doesn’t mean expensive though – the main expense comes with choosing inflexible solutions in the first place, which then need replacing in the future.

Big screen dreams

We’d always argue that digital signage software decisions should not be made with one type of device or one particular campaign in mind – retailers must think how their needs might change over time and choose a provider accordingly.

Grassfish is a leading player in digital signage software, and we’re already allowing retailers around the world to choose content based on real-time inventory, helping companies link signage to their point of sale, and giving them the tools to remotely manage all displays from one central point.

This type of functionality is great today but in the future, as more and more retailers put tablet devices into the hands of in-store staff or push further into personalising their on-screen messaging to consumers, it will be invaluable.

Digital signage has a multifaceted role in today’s retail store – and the industry is certainly demanding this type of technology as shops make the move from shelves of SKUs to showrooms and experience hubs. From the events and industry meetings we attend, it’s clear the pace of change is not going to slow down.

Long-term thinking about electronic signage and accompanying software can avoid digital screen dramas in the future. It’s simple and cost effective for a retailer to start their adventures in digital signage with Grassfish – join us on that journey wherever it takes us all.


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