Spectacular multiscreen solution for new branch of Freiburger Volksbank

DG Verlag implements spectacular multiscreen solution for new branch of Freiburg Volksbank

On 8 July, the Freiburger Volksbank opened its new headquarters. The twelve-storey building opposite the main railway station demonstrates the modernity of the Freiburger Volksbank. This is underlined by the digital shop window design. A photographic* declaration of love for Freiburg unfolds on ten modules, each composed of tiled rimless LED panels.
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Image: The bank branch that no one can overlook: Time and again, people stop in front of the fascinating video installation and follow the interplay of perspectives and videos with rapt attention.

The challenge

Such a multiscreen solution must be driven by a high-powered central server. There is no allowance for asynchronous events or picture juddering from morning to midnight. Any such disturbance would immediately disrupt the harmony of the composition. In addition, a digital cuckoo clock shows the exact time every hour, on the hour.

Instagram Post: Synchronize your watches: The appropriate clip appears on the screens of the installation on the hour, every hour, with the different images perfectly synchronized.

Grassfish DS Manager Pro is prepared for new and creative ideas

How perfectly and cost-effectively such concepts can be realized, depends exclusively on the software that controls all modules as background processes. Grassfish DS Manager PRO is already prepared for exactly these types of creative challenges. The CMS software solution, which is reliably kept up-to-date, is characterized by its enormous range of control settings, as well as speed and efficient delivery. Multisync processes are no problem for the DS Manager PRO. Practically all technologically challenging digital signage concepts can now be realized on a single platform and be tightly controlled without incurring large project costs.


DG Verlag - customer since 2007

The installation was coordinated for the Freiburger Volksbank by DG Verlag. The service partner of the cooperative financial sector in Germany already has 15 years of experience with digital signage. Those responsible are familiar with the market for high-performance content management software and have once again chosen Grassfish.
DG Verlag supports over 270 independently operating cooperative banks. The special challenge: each individual bank needs assistance depending upon its individual marketing plans. For this reason, DG Verlag is increasingly relying on the many advantages of digital signage, which would not be possible without the unlimited customizability of Grassfish solutions, as well as some tailor-made extensions.

Today, more than 800 bank employees work with the CMS system to select the appropriate motifs from the content and templates of the entire cooperative financial group, as well as many publisher productions. The motifs can be quickly adapted if necessary and played out on the screens in the exterior and interior areas of the bank branches.
Grassfish DS Manager PRO is the driving force behind thousands of digital communication points of various kinds in the cooperative branches and the technically demanding video installation in the new Freiburg Volksbank.

Roland Grassberger explains:

Roland_Rund_300x300px"We are always grateful for the challenges that DG Verlag entrusts us with. In the cooperative sector, advertising material is not simply decided centrally and then rolled out across the whole country, but each bank can pursue its own strategy and should receive the necessary content and technology for it. Such hyperlocal installations are technically demanding, so we can be proud to have been the preferred partner for DG Verlag for 15 years. The installation in Freiburg has become a great highlight, for which we warmly congratulate the Freiburger Volksbank. “

Factsheet: Video installation Freiburger Volksbank:

Digital Signage Management Grassfish DS Manager PRO
Customer DG Verlag (Freiburger Volksbank)
Scope 10 LED slice modules, each approx. 1.60 m x 2.00 m
Location New building of the Freiburger Volksbank, Bismarckallee
Content concept 9 approx. eight-minute animated clips "For the love of Freiburg", strictly synchronized, artistic concept by Martin Burkhardt
Period Permanent since July 2021


About DG Verlag:

Founded in 1920, DG Verlag is a partner company of cooperatives. Its customers include Volks- and Raiffeisenbanken as well as alliance partners of the Genossenschaftliche Finanzgruppe. The range of services includes promotional items, office equipment, advice on optimization of bank branches, card solutions, procurement of materials and specialist information. The approximately 400 employees ensure that their customers are number 1 in service and innovation.

Images: ©DG Verlag

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