Thorsten Wien is moving to Grassfish as a senior consultant

Thorsten Wien Senior Consultant at Grassfish

Thorsten_Wien_Schauspieler_Filmemacher_Actor_Filmmaker_1440x2160_2021_04Grassfish is expanding its team in Germany. As a Senior Consultant, Thorsten Wien will advise our clients on their communication and content strategy and support them in implementing the digital transformation of their stores.
Thorsten Wien originally comes from the creative field. He worked at Visual Art Germany & later at QOMMUNICATE! as Managing Partner and Creative Director where he implemented communication concepts for digital channels, operational concepts and content strategies for clients such as McDonald's, Hugo Boss, BMW and Valora Retail.

Thorsten Wien will support client projects at Grassfish in terms of conceptual innovation and reinforce projects with his international experience.

"I have been aware of Grassfish for a decade now and have always been fascinated by the company's innovative approach. Now I'm excited to start the journey at Grassfish and break new ground together. Projects are getting bigger and more complex and new digital technologies are being integrated more than ever before. In these exciting times, I look forward to bringing my conceptual know-how to Grassfish" Thorsten Wien - Senior Consultant

3 Questions for Thorsten:

Why Grassfish?

What excites me about Grassfish is its innovative approach. I have known Grassfish for a decade now and have always been fascinated by it.

Why this job?

What I enjoy most about my job is that the projects are getting bigger and more complex, and new digital technologies are merging more conceptually with content than ever before. I'm excited to bring my conceptual know-how to Grassfish in these exciting times.

Briefly tell us something about yourself:

In my free time, I like to engage with the flora and fauna of my former adopted country South Africa, enjoy sundowners and convivial barbecues.

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