Grassfish grows & creates more space for new employees and projects

We are moving into the new office wing - Grassfish grows & creates more space for new employees and projects

Walls have been taken down and erected elsewhere - We're growing and growing and a lot has been happening in the Grassfish Marketing Technologies office. In early June, we were finally able to move into our new office space and hope that some new Grassfish employees will move in with us.

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Arriving on the 6th floor, our development and IT teams are situated on the left and the customer service areas on the right.


Special call niches with displays and docking stations help to minimize the noise level in the offices so that we can work undisturbed and focused on our projects. In times of home office and flexible working, a flexible desk-sharing concept allows for more freedom, creativity and liveliness in the office. 


The newly created space also offers more possibilities to test players etc. directly in the office and of course space to expand the Grassfish team with additional employees. The large windows open up to a beautiful view of Vienna. There is also good news for our sporty colleagues - a shower will also be installed.


We are looking forward to working on innovative projects together with our business partners and customers in the large, bright meeting rooms.


Alexander_Korte_web_02"We are very happy to grow especially in these uncertain times, to be able to create more space for new employees and thereby set a positive example." - Alexander Korte, COO Grassfish Marketing Technologies.

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