O2 Telefonica refines programmatic advertising in its branches

O2 Telefonica refines programmatic advertising in its branches

How do we get away from signage screens with manually maintained playlists and thus often not achieving the communication goal? Telefonica Deutschland has added programmatic features to their digital signage system to provide their customers with relevant content in the shop environment and more specifically address the interests of the target groups.

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As the administrative effort for manually defining target groups for each individual branch and entering content for them was too high, they were looking for a customised solution. The solution should enable them to automatically select the right content for the different target groups and locations from a content pool. The target groups could be identified by socio-demographic characteristics and customer status, for example. In addition, it had to be taken into account that the customer structure at each location changes depending on the day of the week and time of day.

frank goldberg

For the collection of the static market research data, on-site surveys were conducted in selected stores,

says Frank Goldberg of the Digital Media Institute, "The contact probabilities between the screens was determined and were transferred to the DMI's population-representative market media study "Public & Private Screens," which collects visitor frequency data in O2 stores."

Read the whole case study

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