Online is conquering offline


The stationary retail industry is currently reinventing itself – and digital signage plays a key role. Brands such as Missguided show how it’s done.

The retail world has arrived in the 21st century – and it is experiencing an open exchange of different concepts. Big brands such as Joy, Tchibo, and Basler are increasingly shifting their business to online. At the same time, more and more online retailers are physically moving into Europe’s malls and shopping centres to apply their respective new business ideas. There, they seek to meet current industry challenges while concurrently implementing novel consumer experience concepts – fully relying on digital solutions, especially digital signage, in doing so.

Stocking products in large numbers at the respective POS has progressively become obsolete and shops are turning into showrooms to an increasing extent instead. This is precisely where smart-store features come into play: platforms, including Digital Signage, Virtual Shelf, Click & Collect, and other interactive product consultants, along with a broad range of technology-enabled services, are becoming more and more important for brand development.

e-commerce functions are becoming stationary

Online brands including Missguided, Sarah & Sebastian or MyMüsli that have made it big in e-commerce, are setting a trend by opening physical branches of their brands. What is striking is that the e-commerce functions of their online-shop concepts are being combined with traditional retail concepts: customers enjoy all the advantages of e-commerce while, at the same time, being able to forgo the disadvantages of traditional retail, enabling a consumer experience between online and offline. This development puts massive pressure on renowned traditional retailers.

Missguided as a prime example

The example of Missguided shows how companies present themselves when additionally transitioning into stationary retailing. The online tradition of this pioneering company is clearly noticeable in the first two of its physical retail branches: customers can find Instagram quotations on the shop’s walls as well as an efficient click-and-collect system – both of which impress. Digital Signage is responsible for creating a unique shopping world that literally unites the “best of both worlds”: online and offline.

Cross-channel consistency

The retailer needs to build a cross-channel, end-to-end presence both online and offline. Digital signage is essential as it provides the interface between online and offline supply, enabling unified brand communication across all channels, while at the same time connecting both of these areas.

Video walls, interactive screens, and electronic billboards offer customers a holistic new shop experience: no matter whether they learn more about a particular product or the brand history as such – digital signage is the key. The customers themselves become part of the brand.

Grassfish makes swift reactions possible

In times of rapid change, reacting swiftly has become more important than ever. This is exactly what Grassfish stands for with its innovative smart-store solutions. By putting key elements from the online world into the offline environment, Grassfish makes everyday shopping sensual experience for consumers.

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