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Building store encounters for experience-driven consumers

There’s an emerging shopper demographic that doesn’t just want to buy things in retail stores – they also want their chosen brand to provide an array of experiences to help foster ongoing... read more

Digital Signage is the new black in retail circles

Digital signage investment is the height of fashion for many retailers these days as they realise its potential. read more

Store engagement – Millennials and Generation Z

There’s a reason every retail event or conference these days talks about Millennials and Gen Z – and that is because their shopping patterns are so different to generations before. read more

Rethinking the Store: digital initiatives debated at Conference

Tech retail experts and leaders across retail gathered at last week’s Rethink! Internet of Retail Minds 2017 in Hamburg to share insights and experiences on the Retail Internet of Things and... read more

Why digital and physical have the perfect in-store chemistry

The perfect store in today’s retail world generates memorable customer experiences (CX) and brand loyalty through a mixture of physical beauty and digital engagement. read more

Research: Over 45s let down by in-store experience

News release 13 September 2017 – London, UK – Older generations are disgruntled with the current in-store experience offering, but retailers can’t depend on younger demographics being satisfied... read more

Global IOT market grows – can you afford to get left behind?

Across the world, investment in Internet of Things (IOT) technology will increase by more than 16% annually during the next 10 years – topping out at more than $60 billion. But what does this... read more

Rethink! How to tackle the retail IOT opportunity.

As online and mobile commerce grows, the clamour is growing – not least from consumers – for physical stores to differentiate their offering by giving their customers a richer, more joined-up... read more

Localising and targeting marketing for the retail store

We operate in a world where ‘generic’ just won’t suffice. Consumers expect retailers to understand who they are, where they are, and what they want, in order to deliver encounters that are... read more

Getting more: the value of IoT and in-store analytics

We all know that data is a big deal in retail. And over the past five years, the volume and sophistication of technology available to collect and use customer information has significantly... read more

Dynamic strategies for shelf-edge pricing in grocery retail

Consistency is one of multichannel retail’s greatest challenges; offering customers the same value and experience at every point. And one area where inconsistency can prove particularly... read more

How is IOT reshaping the automotive showroom experience?

We have entered the age of the connected car, and driverless vehicles are just around the corner. But the automotive technology revolution is not just taking place within vehicles; showrooms are... read more

IOT in restaurants – Enriching the customer experience

Like many other bricks-and-mortar destinations facing online competition, restaurants are under mounting pressure to deliver much more than a nice meal. read more

An IOT strategy for fashion retailers

When it comes to pushing boundaries on interaction and experience, the fashion industry sets the pace – so it’s only natural that many fashion retailers are at the forefront of IOT innovation. read more

An IOT strategy for grocery retailers

IOT adoption is fast becoming the norm in every area of business. Offering increasingly intelligent and efficient ways to sell, communicate and organise, the IOT-enabled dialogue between a... read more

5 reasons to visit RBTE 2017

The Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) returns to London’s Olympia from 8-9th May, and free tickets are now available. Set to attract more than 15,000 senior retailers, brands and hospitality... read more

IoT: who’s setting the pace? A cross-sector analysis

 The Internet of Things (IOT) is now a reality across every business sector, as savvy operators discover increasingly innovative and efficient ways to organise, communicate and sell via networked... read more

Generation Z is about to disrupt the store experience

As digital natives come of age and their spending power grows, retailers need to develop their proposition for a tech-first audience – and nowhere is that more apparent than the store. read more

4 interesting technology innovations from Q1 2017

Retail technology is an exciting and fast-moving sector, with new concepts and capabilities emerging all the time. Even in the first three months of 2017, we’ve seen some interesting innovations... read more

4 reasons to visit EuroShop 2017

The world's number 1 retail trade fair is fast approaching: EuroShop will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany on 5-9 March 2017. read more