Smart Vending - Staying close to the customer even without a shop

In Austria the fourth lockdown came to an end, in Germany there are currently pre-Christmas closures in the air. The problem for retailers: How to sell products when the store is closed? An online shop as the obvious answer has become the focus of many businesses. However, selling via the internet is still problematic in some respects. For example, delivery times, especially during popular shopping days like Black Friday, can often not be met for a variety of reasons. We offer our customers an extension of their sales channels: Our Smart Vending Solution, a digital and flexible vending service. It allows products to be sold and immediately dispensed even on holidays or weekends, regardless of retail closures or staff availability. This makes them a useful addition to any online service, as they combine the advantages of digital product presentation with the immediate availability of regular retail.

During the fourth lockdown in Austria, mobility data shows that people are more mobile compared to previous periods of curfew. Highly frequented places such as train stations are open throughout and continue to offer a high frequency of people commuting to work. With the help of Grassfish's Smart Vending Service, this revenue potential can be utilised. The 46-inch display on the front of the machine attracts the attention of people passing by with videos and concise, targeted advertising messages. Consumers select the right product via an intuitive user interface and, in contrast to the online shop, hold the Christmas gift in their hands immediately. This allows products to be sold independently of opening hours, even without a shop, while still being close to the customer.

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