Rethinking the Store: digital initiatives debated at Conference

Roland Grassberger of Grassfish presents at Rethink! Internet of Retail Conference

Tech retail experts and leaders across retail gathered at last week’s Rethink! Internet of Retail Minds 2017 in Hamburg to share insights and experiences on the Retail Internet of Things and explore how new technologies can overcome the challenges of creating a connected customer journey across channels.

Chair of the Conference, Grassfish’s Roland Grassberger, led a session on how retailers can bring physical and digital together to deliver responsive bricks-and-mortar engagement by implementing smart store strategies – in the context of what shoppers of all ages expect from the store experience and their in-store tech preferences.

The event with its roundtables and workshops provided many opportunities to explore the thinking and ideas behind the digital initiatives of leading retail brands. Congratulations to organisers We-Connect on staging a highly focused and collaborative event!

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