Schindler Ahead Drives digitally to the next floor with Grassfish

Grassfish helps Schindler transform lifts into moving advertising opportunities

With the help of the Grassfish platform, Schindler Ahead uses the attention of lift passengers for suitable advertising opportunities. So that bland lift music is no longer the only companion on the ride up, a wide range of digital elements are added to the lift experience.

Ahead SmartMirror ImagesGrassfish_schindler

Imagine you are on holiday in a hotel and are standing in front of a lift. While you wait, a specially calibrated beamer projects an image of the most beautiful sights of this city onto the lift doors. You enter the lift and look directly at a large Smart Mirror. This informs you about the current weather, a dinner-for-two offer and about the steak special today in the hotel restaurant. You press the button to the fourth floor and read the information about room service offers and free massage appointments in the hotel's spa on the display next to the control board.

MediaScreen Interior ElevatorGrassfish_schindler

The advantage: These digital touchpoints can be used for communication. Be it to inform employees at your company location, or for the placement of advertising messages.Ahead DoorShow-3Grassfish_schindler

The range of applications for these digital signage solutions is diverse. Lifts are located in countless, highly frequented locations - the potential for scaling a unique digital experience is thus considerable in this use case. From cinemas and shopping malls to large corporations and public buildings.

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