Technology meets personalisation

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Modern shoppers expect an interactive and personalised shopping experience. Retailers therefore need to provide in-store information and engagement to help customers in their decision process and at the point of purchase.

The 2015 Global Shopper Study by Zebra showed that "shoppers appreciate technology-enhanced stores" and "seek trained, digitally-equipped Sales Associates".

Grassfish solutions for intelligent stores enable retailers to leverage the Internet of Things and transform their retail locations in order to streamline their operations, optimally support their sales staff and enhance in-store customer experience.


Shoppers appreciate technology-enhanced stores

"Shoppers agree that being equipped with self-help technology improves the shopping experience, especially shoppers equipped with price checkers and locations that offer shelf labeling, self-checkout terminals and kiosks."Tech Meets Personalisation 2.png


Interactivity is the key to providing extraordinary in-store customer experience. In an intelligent store, customers can explore and compare products and easily get in touch with the sales staff if they need assistance. Grassfish offers solutions for digital signage and customer engagement that optimally support the in-store customer journey.


Customers seek trained, digitally-equipped Sales Associates

"Shoppers agree they have a better experience in stores where the sales associates use the latest technology to assist customers."Tech Meets Personalisation 3.png

Successful sales operations depend on up-to-date, informed and motivated staff. Grassfish solutions for staff support provide tools and features for staff training and information as well as the latest in personal device technology for the shop floor, such as staff tablets and staff watches.


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