The new Grassfish software V10 has arrived!


The new Grassfish software version 10 provides a completely revised user interface for the proven Grassfish CMS. The work was focused on the changeover from Flash to HTML5 in order to be optimally equipped for future technologies and further expansion.

 In addition, V10 comes with a whole series of decisive improvements relating to efficiency and usability. By introducing HTML5 a marked improvement in the performance of the entire system was achieved. This is apparent above all in the case of very large networks with lots of screens and spots.

However, HTML5 is not only a focal point of the user interface; it is also becoming the new standard for the media used. The HTML Wizard expands the functional scope of V10 by a framework that also enables users without any HTML knowledge to edit HTML spots and interactive HTML applications, to exchange media and texts and to change the properties of HTML applications. This feature too is characterized by usability improvements that were given top priority during the development of the new version.

Also new is the use of a player technology, which thanks to its multi-platform base offers better performance, picture quality and transitions, and in Microsoft Windows and Linux the same functional scope of the Grassfish player.
The highlights of Grassfish software V10:

  • HTML5 for a faster version with higher performance
  • Higher performance with regards to large data volumes
  • New player software for better performance, picture quality and transitions
  • Higher efficiency thanks to continuous improvements made during the development process
  • Improvements in usability
  • An HTML Wizard feature for the editing of HTML spots and applications


Player software:

V10 introduces a new player technology that provides for better performance, picture quality, transitions and more. In addition, a uniform code basis for Linux and Windows also means easy installation and a future-proof software solution. Of course, Android and several embedded systems are still supported in V10.



The topic of user friendliness was paramount in the development of V10. Besides diverse user-specific adaptations of the CMS and spot display, the following features have been optimized and implemented:

  • A simplified upload mechanism: Quick uploading by drag-and-drop
  • Easy navigation thanks to adapted menus and tabs
  • Simplified embedding of the customer-specific CI
  • More information at a glance thanks to improved tab categories, menus and toast messages
  • New filter facilities: Filters can be randomly defined for large lists
  • Expansion of the multiple editing facility: Time-savings due to the option of being able to edit several playlists/players at the same time
  • Automatic saving of the user-specific layout settings


HTML Wizard:

The new HTML wizard provides the customer with a framework for the creation of HTML spots. By way of a JSON file one can define which elements should be subsequently available within the CMS for editing in the HTML wizard. The special feature here is the easy handling: HTML templates and interactive applications can be edited without any HTML knowledge.


The backend has also been optimized with regard to performance. There was a technological changeover to 64-bit and an optimization of the data traffic between the players and the server. The DataCalc process is now distributable and therefore has better scalability. This provides a significant acceleration of the data distribution, particularly in large networks.


As previously, Grassfish offers support when you switch to the new V10. The updating process is simple and clearly structured. The first step is the server switchover, as V8 players can continue to operate with V10. The next step is the updating of the players. The new user interface adheres closely to the accustomed layout, enabling a switchover without any unnecessary complications.

For further information, please contact your Grassfish partner or your designated Grassfish account manager.

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