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Spectacular multiscreen solution for new branch of Freiburger Volksbank

DG Verlag implements spectacular multiscreen solution for new branch of Freiburg Volksbank On 8 July, the Freiburger Volksbank opened its new headquarters. The twelve-storey building opposite the... read more

Desksharing – (my) space for everyone

What do companies like TUI, DZ Bank and SAP have in common? They and an increasing number of companies are relying on shared desk concepts. Against this backdrop, it seems surprising that,... read more

A digitally supported customer journey at Warema

A digitally supported customer journey at Warema In Wertheim in Germany, Warema presents the Sun Forum on an exhibition space of 1600 m2, a dazzling world of experience that literally puts their... read more

Schindler Ahead Drives digitally to the next floor with Grassfish

Grassfish helps Schindler transform lifts into moving advertising opportunities With the help of the Grassfish platform, Schindler Ahead uses the attention of lift passengers for suitable... read more

hollu world of experience in Graz whets the appetite for cleaning 

hollu world of experience in Graz whets the appetite for cleaning  Cleanliness & hygiene are increasingly important, a fact we appreciate now more than ever. The first floor of the hollu flagship... read more

Vienna Airport: Digital expansions despite pandemic

Digital expansions despite a pandemic at Vienna Airport At times of the current pandemic-situation, the Vienna International Airport (VIE) records a massive decrease in passengers. The airport of... read more

Are QR codes about to make a breakthrough?

A code whose goal it is to be decoded The QR code has become increasingly relevant especially since the start of the recent pandemic. The question is whether this is just a temporary boom or... read more

Bosch opens three more digitally assisted stores

Three new digitally supported monobrand stores from Bosch Haushaltsgeräte Bosch Hausgeräte represent technology for life and innovative products that make life easier and more comfortable.... read more

O2 Telefonica refines programmatic advertising in its branches

O2 Telefonica refines programmatic advertising in its branches How do we get away from signage screens with manually maintained playlists and thus often not achieving the communication goal?... read more

Digital touchpoints at their best - FC Bayern World in Munich

Audience analytics meets shopfitting at its best Prominent screens create an emotionally charged atmosphere like in a stadium, which makes the hearts of soccer fans beat faster. For example, the ... read more

13 years of DG Verlag and Grassfish - a digital success story in banking

Digital touchpoints in bank branchesHow DG Verlag uses the Grassfish CMS platform As a central marketing service provider, DG Verlag in Wiesbaden offers the members of the Bundesverband der... read more

The new customer information system at Commerzbank

Tradition meets innovation - the new customer information system at Commerzbank As one of the largest German banking houses, Commerzbank AG has repeatedly broken new ground in its more than... read more

Deutsche Post DHL Innovation Center in Chicago

The perfect symbiosis of logistics and digital signage read more

The DOOH Innovation for SPAR Switzerland

The smart digital signage software by GRASSFISH was commissioned by SPAR Switzerland to display current advertising and content in various supermarket branches. read more

CCC ENTRY & PRO - The solution in COVID 19 times!

With two different solutions for digital access restrictions in shops and branches GRASSFISH, the market leader for Digital Signage, is at the pulse of our time!  read more

Case Study – DIY store with cutting-edge technology

Touch it, try it and get every information desired by LET’S DO IT. Where every tool shopping turns into a real experience. In the most modern DIY store of Austria, you can test the tools yourself... read more

LET'S INTEGRATE DIGITAL was the motto of the Grassfish Summit 2019.

As an innovator, Grassfish demonstrated its future-oriented and integrative role with its Smart Store- and Xperience Hub concepts along with presentations given by our customers (e.g. BMW,... read more

How Grassfish Supports the Natural Cosmetics Trade

Images © Miriam Gückel NKB2018. Grassfish was an invitee to the Natural Cosmetics Branch Conference, during which it became evident that a substantial trend had arisen in the industry, with an... read more

Differentiation in Retail with Player Synchronisation

New from leading smart store and digital signage solutions developer Grassfish: player synchronisation enables all types of retailers and organisations to present information and promotions in a... read more

IOT in self-service - create engaging customer experiences

Whether it’s booking our own flights or travel tickets online, reading our own utility meters, or watching TV programmes on demand, we’re already living in an increasingly self-serve kind of world... read more