Training and support for seasonal staff

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Many retailers face the same problem year in, year out: a lack of trained staff to cover the holiday shopping madness. Hiring additional seasonal staff is the common solution to the manpower part of the problem – but how to tackle the training issue?

Large product portfolios along with quickly changing pricing policy and seasonal offers can lead to overwhelmed and ill-equipped sales people on the shop floors during one of the most crucial times of the year for retailers. The intelligent store concept addresses the needs of retailers for having up-to-date, motivated staff that delivers excellent customer service by providing tools and features for training, information and staff support.

On-demand training

Grassfish offers ready-to-run training and information solutions. Interactive screens in the shop’s back office provide easy access to company and product information as well as training videos. This on-demand service enables retailers to efficiently instruct and prepare seasonal employees.

Sales and staff support

Tablets and smartwatches can further support the sales staff when out on the shop floor. The Grassfish staff tablet, for instance, enables employees to quickly access and visualise vital product and pricing information, improving the sales process. The smartwatch, in turn, is the ideal in-store notification tool, alerting sales staff whenever there is a call to action, such as a growing queue or someone pausing in front of a certain product signalling interest.

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Learn more about boosting your seasonal retail experience with Grassfish solutions for staff support.

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