Mice out of the machine – Grassfish opens new business Unit

Mice out of the machine – Grassfish opens new business Unit

The digital signage software company Grassfish Marketing Technologies expands its portfolio with digitized product dispensing. The use cases are very diverse. Smart output solutions enable 24/7 purchase and pickup of products - be it work material in the corporate sector, or product purchase in retail. Slavica Ristic, who has many years of experience in the IT industry, is responsible for this new business unit.

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With the opening of the new Smart Vending Solutions business unit, Grassfish Marketing now enables digitized product dispensing. Customers can choose between two solutions: Smart Dispensing Solutions for companies that enable automated dispensing of IT equipment to their employees and Smart Vending Solutions for refined product sales in the retail sector. Slavica Ristic - Senior Manager - has been with Grassfish for three years and now takes charge of the newly created six-person team in the Vending Solutions business unit. 

slavica"My vision is to design solutions together with our customers, which generate more efficient processes. The regained resources can then be invested in those tasks that focus on the company's primary success," is how Slavica Ristic - Head of Business Unit Smart Vending describes the new services.

The Smart Dispensing Solution is all about the simple and time-independent dispensing of office supplies and IT equipment in companies. When returning to the office, many employees face the familiar problem: the headset is broken, an important conference call is scheduled, it is 17:00, and a lengthy approval process and email conversation with the hopefully still present IT department is in front of you. This is where Grassfish's Smart Dispensing Unit comes in, offering a solution to the employee at the exact moment the problem arises. According to Ristic, "What excites me most about Smart Dispensing & Pick Up Solutions is that it allows people to refocus on those tasks where they can unleash their individual creative skills - whether it's consulting or finding creative solutions. At the same time, it adds 7/24 availability to employee pick-up services without adding cost and resources."

dispensing solutionsUsing an app, employees can view the availability of the products they need and pick them up directly from a dispensing station. This reduces costs for companies and also allows the IT department to devote itself to more important things. Ristic speaks from practical experience: "We have already supported some customers like Ratiodata in automating the issuing of IT equipment for employees - in the process, some new use cases and ideas have emerged both during the planning and implementation phases. For example, by using pickup points, laptops or a complete travel package, including suitcases and required sales documents, can also be deposited and picked up."

For retailers, the Smart Vending Solution offers the possibility to combine a digital communication tool with an appealing user interface and 24/7 product availability. Eye-catching visuals and intuitive operation via touch screen are used. Grassfish's customers use the possibility to place the vending machines at high-traffic locations or position them as a shop-in-shop solution in existing locations. Slavica Ristic describes the idea behind it as follows: "The core idea of this solution is to offer customers a digital communication tool paired with the product availability of a physical vending machine."

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The large-scale display conveys the brand's identity and makes it tangible. In addition, the digital interface opens up a variety of possibilities for product presentation - animated transitions, different views, details about the products - make browsing through the interface an experience. "What's fascinating to me is the possibility of transporting any content and at the same time as making the product available to customers directly on site," Ristic concludes.

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