A digitally supported customer journey at Warema

A digitally supported customer journey at Warema

In Wertheim in Germany, Warema presents the Sun Forum on an exhibition space of 1600 m2, a dazzling world of experience that literally puts their sun protection products in the right light. The ingenious fusion of the shop concept and the digital elements, which together tell a tangible story, bears the signature of Umdasch The Store Makers. Grassfish is behind the digital touchpoints such as tablets and digital signage elements.

The aim is to present the Warema product world realistically in the various application areas, so that visitors can experience the products in an engaging way. Visitors can use digital touchpoints such as touch displays and tablets to find information about additional products and variants and to orient themselves on the exhibition floor.

"The visitor must be guided - not only architecturally, but also digitally" - Ramona Lorenz from Umdasch.

In the new category "Digital Solutions", the jury of the Red Dot Design Award 2021 for the first time selected innovative companies that think "outside the box" and actively promote the digital transformation. The Store Makers from umdasch won with the extraordinarily staged Warema Experience World in Wertheim, Germany.

Roland_Rund_300x300px"With this installation, Warema is taking an important step into the digitally supported future. Particularly in the retail market, it is becoming increasingly important to explore products in a playful way and make them experienceable. Digital elements play a supporting role in this, as they offer numerous possibilities for this." - Roland Grassberger - CEO Grassfish Marketing Technologies

Read the whole case here: Warema Sunforum

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