The Smart Store

Retail challenges

All aspects of our lives are being changed by disruptive, innovative technologies. The retail environment is no exception. Consumers are demanding new, connected experiences to meet their changing shopping behaviours. As they make multiple interactions across different channels, fuelled by on-demand shopping and click and collect services, they want more from your brand, your products, and your store.
It’s time for retailers to stop talking about bringing digital and physical together and start delivering responsive, experiential bricks-and-mortar engagement.

It’s time for the store to get smarter.

The Smart Store Experience

Make every store a flagship experience with Grassfish

A connected store brings the best of online into physical retail, building intelligent, responsive environments that increase customer engagement and value. By connecting all store and customer touchpoints, retailers can provide real-time insights to influence the shopper journey.

The Grassfish Xperience Hub and Xperience Platform deliver your in-store ‘Internet of Things’ environment. Enabling you to digitally engage and interact with customers, measure and adapt to their behaviour, and support your store associates.


Key benefits

  • Dynamic content delivery – targeted promotions and relevant information
  • Personalised customer service – added value, opportunity to upsell
  • Enhanced store environment – visual, sound, light and smell
  • Real-time actionable store data - single data collection platform for analytics and business intelligence
  • Staff support – notifications, customer insight and store control to enhance staff performance

Connected retail

Modern retail environments have numerous silos, each running a separate function. The Grassfish platform connects and manages the devices, sensors and apps within your ‘smart store’. Data is continuously collected from all connected devices and sensors, and used to trigger targeted in-store communications and staff alerts, as well providing real-time actionable analytics for the store.

The Grassfish Xperience Platform connects many technologies, including:

  • Digital signage and video walls
  • Interactive systems, virtual shelves and vending machines
  • Background music
  • Lighting systems
  • Cash registers and scales
  • Mobile staff devices
  • Interaction and analytics sensors
  • Customer devices

Our web-based management tool integrates the information from all connected points, improving the customer journey, combining online and offline and providing powerful customer intelligence for your store associates to act on. To find out more, request a tailored demo today.