The smart way to connect with customers

Digital engagement is the new essential when it comes to capturing the attention of modern shoppers. From welcome terminals and virtual shelves to information kiosks and digital signage, retailers are turning to the power and flexibility of digital to enhance the in-store shopping experience and extend the online world to their bricks-and-mortar stores.

However, digital devices often fail to communicate with each other or with other applications and platforms within the store. This means that powerful marketing information and business data is not combined and acted on, and the consumer does not enjoy a seamless customer journey.



Like a smartphone for retail stores

The Grassfish Xperience Platform uses all your existing hardware and data intelligently. At heart of our in-store solution is the Grassfish Xperience Hub – a small 'smart' box that connects to and gathers data from all devices and sensors across the store.

How does the Xperience Hub work?

  • The Xperience Hub's smart set-up routine instantly connects digital store devices, screens and sensors, and gathers data from them.
  • Data is processed in the hub where it triggers targeted visual and audio experiences, actions and notifications according to pre-defined smart rules.
  • The data is also used to generate real-time actionable analytics and business intelligence.
  • Our open technology integrates with other retail apps and platforms as required to provide a single connected solution for the store.

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Using Grassfish smart store technology makes it easier to connect with customers and boost sales.

Grassfish Xperience Hub

Key technology benefits

  • Automated connection of all digital devices in the shop, including digital signage, electronic price tags, RFID technologies, staff devices, audio and sensors.

  • Smart set up
  • Highly scalable
  • Future proof
  • Gathers and processes data from all sensors, applications and devices
  • Adapts the environment and supports sales processes based on smart rules
  • One-stop shop for central business intelligence platforms

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