Introducing the Xperience Platform

Grassfish's open platform is known for its ease of use and flexibility, and includes advanced smart store management systems to ensure that your solution is updated and evaluated on a regular basis. Our management modules are entirely web-based, featuring state-of-the-art technology and simple to use ‘drag and drop’ functionality. The Grassfish platform is based on in-depth knowledge and experience of the retail industry and delivers solutions that match even the most exacting business requirements. Grassfish smart store solutions are also fully scalable, and many large retailers have chosen the Grassfish platform to power their expanding global digital networks.


Always up and running

The Xperience Platform provides a comprehensive overview of digital in-store devices. Sensors, digital signage players and screens, tablets, smart watches and other connected devices are listed with their operational status so you can check that the whole IoT network is working correctly at a glance.  Errors are corrected automatically: if this is not possible, the platform automatically sends notifications to technical staff.


High scalability

The Xperience Platform has a technical core that enables tens of thousands of devices to operate in a single network. Even more important, its functionality is built to scale. With the help of an integrated abstraction layer, Xperience apps and rules can be set up easily and used across all stores – regardless of store size and layout.


Unrivalled flexibility

Setting up new customer experience rules or adapting how devices collaborate is straightforward. All rules are managed through the Xperience web platform with no need to do anything on-site. Drag & drop allows you to configure how your solutions work – for all stores, for a group of stores down to a single store, for different days, dates and times of the day. The platform provides everything needed to set up an adaptive store environment.


Combining all information

The Xperience Hub is the central point for collecting data from all devices in your store, including from people counters, audience sensors, WiFi trackers, digital signage screen playbacks, interactive application usage, tablets, processes and much more. All data is sent to the Xperience Platform, providing reports and dashboards. The platform also provides interfaces to your business analytics system or data warehouse – combining all information from each store with your corporate data landscape.

Grassfish Xperience PLATFORM

 Key benefits

  • Web-based, easy-to-use management platform
  • Comprehensive overview and monitoring of the IoT network
  • Flexible definition of customer journey and smart store rules
  • High scalability
  • Integrated data collection, dashboard and reporting
  • Interface to business analytics, ERP and CRM systems